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What are we all about?

“Portland – Vancouver’s first ‘Green-Founded’ Moving Company”

As the first “Green-Founded” moving company, Lean Green Moving Machine is committed to a 100% paperless system and is working hard to always provide a Zero-Waste move. So far, we save over 1.5 tons of CO2 every year by some of the methods we use. We are looking at improving that number as we progress into the future. While there are times when paper must be used, we ensure that paper we do use is composed of post-consumer materials, and that we reuse it somewhere else down the line. By using our service, you can feel great about your tiny carbon footprint – and follow in the footsteps we take to minimize the effect of your move on the environment.

“Quality Service and Green-Intelligence”

Lean Green Moving Machine is the premier Portland moving company in both Quality-of-Service and Green-Intelligence. For years, we have been serving customers in the Portland metro area and we understand how stressful moving is. If you are looking for reliable movers that you can trust to get the job done fast, stress-free, while maintaining the integrity of your household belongings; we are the moving company for you.

“We move everything and take the greatest care of it all”

Whether you are looking for a professional to move something inside of your home, or are moving on and need your boxes packed; if you need a professional mover to load your moving truck, or to simply take extra care of that heirloom piano in your living room; we take the greatest care of it all.

“Professional, intelligent, careful, and recycling? Yeah, we do that.”

In Vancouver and Portland, packing and moving can be stressful – working with a team of moving professionals is the best way to go if you want to decrease stress and maximize the ease of your move. From providing moving boxes, professional packing services, and intelligent loading techniques; to careful piano moving, unpacking, setting up your new home, and recycling old boxes; We can help!

“Free Moving Quote”

We can make this the easiest, greenest move yet! Contact us today for a free moving quote.

Contact us now for a FREE quote. We can’t wait to get started!

971.333.1210 | Service@LeanGreenMovingMachine.com | Lean Green Moving Machine | UBI 603231823 | USDOT 2337030


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